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PS 1000 - the first product from Enika


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PS 1000

In connection with the 30th anniversary of ENIKA.CZ, we would like to introduce the first product that has contributed greatly to the development of our company.


It is an infrared switch PS 1000 designed for contactless control of electrical appliances, which has been manufactured by ENIKA.CZ since 1992. The sensor reacts to the temperature of a moving person and its use prevents unnecessary illumination of empty areas of offices, corridors, staircases, toilets, cellars, garages or aisles between shelves. It can also be used for automatic fan switching or in places with high hygiene requirements.


A maximum area coverage of 8 metres, a horizontal switching angle of 90°, relay switching, sensitivity settings to eliminate external influences, the ability to set the threshold level of illumination when the load is to be switched on and the ability to set the switch-off delay make this switch still a highly sought after product.

PS 1000D

The switch is also available in the PS 1000D version, where the switching element is a triac. This type is suitable for older installations for smaller resistive loads (not suitable for LED switching).

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