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System solutions

In view of many years of development and continual improvement of our products, we are able to offer a whole range of smart user-friendly solutions that bring savings, increase comfort and safety.


  • Energy-saving solutions for lighting and shading control
  • Wireless sensors of temperature, humidity, movement or air quality
  • Receivers for access systems
  • Possibility of BMS integration
  • Suitable for new constructions, reconstructions or additional installations


  • Efficient and also a very comfortable way of controlling outdoor lighting
  • Lighting plans, which corresponds to the daily needs of the region
  • Astro mode
  • Visualization software immediately reports errors and displays the level of power consumption of each luminaire
  • Possibility to build local network - no regular fees!
  • Suitable for company premises, car parks, residential areas, railway stations, sports grounds and public spaces in towns and cities.

energy consumption monitoring system

  • Constant overview of energy consumption, operating states, parameters and alarms 
  • Lighting control, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, shading, parking 
  • Outputs in the form of clear graphs, tables and automatic reports 
  • User access via internet browser 
  • No operating and service fees or flat rates 

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