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Custom services

We offer our customers a range of custom services such as CNC machining, full color printing, 3D printing and custom development. We always strive to understand the needs of each individual, so we are able to achieve the best results, which will leave each customer feeling satisfied with our products and services.

You deliver:

  • Your requests, proposal, adjustments,…

We ensure:

  • Professional adjustment
  • Individual approach to the job
  • Production of the product
  • Delivery of samples for approval
  • Acceptable price


Custom development

Thanks to our long-standing know-how in the field of installation electronics and control systems, our advanced development, testing and manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop specialized solutions based on customer requirements. More about custom development here.

CNC machining

Adjustment of encapsulation according to the customer´s request, drilling or milling in plastic and metal materials, drilling holes for LED diodes, milling of holes for displays or buttons, thread cutting
Please send documents is the following formats:
- Adobe Acrobat – drawing in .pdf format
- AutoCad – drawing in .dxf format (and at the same time .dpf)

Full color printing

Printing on plastic, glass and some types of metals, UV durable and resistant printing, printing area up to 300 x 400 mm, printing material thickness up to 50 mm, maximum print resolution 1440 x 1200 dpi
Please send documents in the following formats:
- Adobe Acrobat – drawing in .pdf format
- CMYK, 300 DPI
- Print scheme

3D printing

Production of required parts, prototypes or 3D models using the latest professional production technologies PolyJet (similar to inkjet printer, where is used instead of ink photopolymer which is then cured by UV light). High-precision, 3D-dimensionally and precisely 3D print at 300 × 300 × 600 DPI, single layer thickness is 0.028 mm, basic accuracy 0.1 mm. Maximum dimensions for printing 234 × 192 × 148.6 mm (for larger dimensions is possible to split the item and put together after printing).
VeroWhitePlus print material (colour: white, tensile strength: 58 MPa, elongation: 10-25%, modulus of elasticity: 2700 MPa, Shore hardness 85, temperature resistance: 48 ° C).
Please send the documents in following formats: .stl (or .step, .sat, .iges, ...)

Price inquiries and delivery term of printing (usually 2-3 business days)

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