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Curve lighting regulator


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Curve lighting regulator

The P8 LR HL industrial curve lighting controller is particularly suitable for controlling lights via POSEIDON® receivers designed to control dimmable ballasts (P8 R DALI N and P8 R 01-10 N). The curve of the controller can be freely edited and the level of the receivers' outputs can be continuously controlled depending on the ambient light level.


One sensor can handle up to 4 sections with different settings depending on the daylight and the required indoor lighting power. It is therefore mainly suitable for large logistics centres and production halls with the possibility of integration into higher-level systems (BMS, MaR).

  • easy installation
  • protection IP 67
  • signal repeater function
  • easy integration into other systems
What is curve control?

It works on the principle of sensing the actual light entering the building through the skylights. It is thus able to react to an immediate change in sunlight.

Use: As the principle of operation implies, the curve control is mainly used in areas with higher mounting heights of luminaires and where the light from the outside is provided through skylights in the roof of the building. Typical applications where the curve control is suitable are industrial production halls, warehouses, etc. Due to the installation and the nature of the light sensing, curve control is suitable for these applications. These can also include technologies that will not interfere and influence the control itself.


  • up to four different circuits of luminaires can be controlled to different levels
  • greater variability of space
  • elimination of influences affecting control by technologies located below the sensor
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