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Poseidon® sensors fighting against COVID-19


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One of the most watched topics in modern construction is air quality measurement. We spend most of our active lives indoors, so poor air quality can have a very negative impact on our health. With regard to the current problems associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it has been shown that air quality and relative humidity have a major influence on the spread of the virus (drier rooms have a much higher rate of spread than rooms with 40-60% relative humidity).

Using Poseidon® CO2 sensors, the current CO2 level can be detected visually and acoustically and the room can be ventilated if necessary. In combination with a higher-level system, temperature and relative humidity can also be monitored and the air exchange in the room can be controlled automatically.



• easy installation
• optical and acoustic signalling
• automatic calibration​​​​​​​
• easy integration into other systems​​​​​​​
• colour options white and onyx​​​​​​​
• range in open space up to 150 m​​​​​​​
• compatible with Poseidon® instruments


ENIKA.CZ will provide you with a proposal for a possible solution based on your requirements and needs.

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