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CO2 sensors for a healthy indoor environment


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One simple tool to reduce the spread of viruses is to ensure a regular supply of fresh air. Concentration of CO2 is an excellent indicator of indoor air quality. ENIKA.CZ manufactures CO2 sensors that allow you to measure the level of carbon dioxide and inform you by means of optical and acoustic signalling about exceeding the set concentration limits and therefore the need to ventilate the room.

If the building does not have controlled air conditioning, this is the easiest way to ensure a quality environment.



Easy installation - just a 230 V socket
Optical and acoustic signalling
Automatic calibration
NDIR type sensor with high measurement accuracy



Power supply: 230 V ±10 % 50 Hz
Protection: IP20 according to EN 60529
Operating temperature: 0 to +45 °C
CO2 measurement range : 400 - 3,000 ppm
CO2 measurement accuracy : ±50 ppm ±3 % of measured value


Indoor air quality is important even outside of a coronavirus pandemic; increasing CO2 levels can result in loss of concentration, increased fatigue, headache or nausea.

Let's get some fresh air!








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