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New PIR motion sensor with increased coverage


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Infrared passive motion sensors (PIR) are designed to automatically control the lighting of corridors, staircases, warehouses, garages and other areas in administrative and production buildings. If the sensor registers movement of a person within range, the output is switched on. The switch-off lasts as long as the presence of persons is indicated by the sensor and for the duration set on the switch.

A new addition to the PIR motion sensor product line is a version labeled
PS HC, PS HF in IP67 protection, with the possibility to be placed at a height of up to 18 m. We offer a version with circular (PS HF) and rectangular (PS HC) sensing characteristics. The range zone can be limited by fitting lens hoods.

The advantage of this sensor is that it can be set up remotely via a PC with a connected USB transmitter (P8 TR USB) and the POSEIDON® Assistant configuration software.

The new motion sensors provide time-saving illumination in locations where there is a requirement for large area coverage and increased sensor coverage.




• easy assembly

• adjustable with POSEIDON® Assistant software

• high protection rating IP 67

 mounting height max. 18 m

 to ensure workplace safety

 energy savings



ENIKA.CZ will provide you with a proposal for a possible solution based on your requirements and needs.






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