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ČSOB Regional Headquarters - Hradec Králové

  • Rok realizace: 2021
  • Země: Czech Republic
  • Místo realizace: Hradec Králové
  • Segment: Offices

Description of solutions and technologies

Over 700 LAVIGO luminaires illuminate the interiors of the call centre and common areas in the regional headquarters of ČSOB in Hradec Králové. Based on the requirements of the architects and the bank's building management, several technical modifications were made to the luminaires compared to the standard:

  • The luminaire was made in all white, including the head of the luminaire, which is defaultly in anthracite colour.
  • The supply cable has been extended to 3 metres to suit all areas of the building.
  • The shape of the lamp base has been changed from a 'U' shape to an 'H' shape. This change was the most challenging and required full structural calculations and tests to ensure safety and 100% functionality.
  • Due to the partitions on the call center desks, the push button control on the leg of the lamp was moved to allow more convenient access for the user to adjust the direct or indirect component if necessary.

All of these changes had to be linked together with respect to applications throughout the building, where several types of workbenches are used and different rest areas where a lamp needs to be placed. These changes have resulted in a single type of luminaire that is universally used throughout the building.

Foto: BoysPlayNice a archiv ENIKA.CZ


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