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Poseidon City - outdoor lighting control

POSEIDON® City comes from the Czech company ENIKA.CZ and is a system that offers not only an efficient but also a very comfortable way of controlling outdoor lighting.
Thanks to the use of LoRa WAN technology, which operates in the 868 MHz frequency band, it is possible to build a local communication network, which can then be used indefinitely, without additional costs for its operation.


The POSEIDON® City control system can ensure that it illuminates only when necessary and only as much as necessary. The intensity of the lighting is simply adjusted in the required places, thus increasing safety in the given section or, on the contrary, the lighting is dimmed in places where it is not needed. POSEIDON® City significantly simplifies the work of lighting administrators and helps save energy and maintenance costs.

Advantages of the POSEIDON ® City system

  • Energy savings with an overview of consumption
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • No monthly fees
  • Overview of the operating status of individual luminaires
  • Passportization
  • Lighting operating hours
  • Uniformity of lighting
  • Immediate fault reporting
  • Possibility to create your own network without the need for a remote Cloud
  • Visualization
  • Timetables
  • Independent control of luminaire groups

Use of the POSEIDON ® CITY system

Thanks to technology that enables long-distance communication, the system is an ideal solution in places such as public spaces of cities and municipalities, corporate and logistics areas, car parks, residential areas, railway stations and sports grounds.

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