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New Poseidon DALI receiver


DALI stands for digital addressable interface, which is currently the most modern open protocol for lighting control. This is an international standard guaranteeing the compatibility of different manufacturers. It can be used to control individual lights connected to the bus or entire groups. Thanks to simple addressing, group settings can be changed at any time, making it a very flexible tool.

ENIKA.CZ is now coming to the market with a new DALI receiver called P8 R 4 DLA N , which will replace the previous version P8 R DALI N.

Allows the connection of up to 64 luminaires (ballasts) with the possibility of dividing into up to 4 separate groups . The receiver also powers the DALI bus with a maximum load of 130 mA. It is adapted for installation in lighting fixtures, ceiling soffits and other confined spaces.

Compared to the older version, the new receiver uses communication according to the specifications for DALI2 to power the bus and to control the lights.

  • increased memory for transmitter codes
  • "DALI" LED on the device, which indicates the status of the bus power source
  • extended functions for better cooperation with lighting controllers
  • simple setup
  • extended functionality using SW Poseidon® Assistant
  • RF signal repeater
  • compatible with all Poseidon® system devices

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