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Poseidon® receiver with ZHAGA analog output

The focus of our company is, among other things, the development and production of OEM solutions for domestic and foreign customers. Thanks to this, the Poseidon® receiver was created under the designation P8 R 0110 Z with a ZHAGA type connector. It is connected directly to the light, which is equipped with an electronic ballast and a power source. The output element of the receiver is a 0-10V control signal.

Thanks to this small receiver, any lamp equipped with a 1-10V ballast and a ZHAGA connector can be turned into a SMART lamp, which can be dimmed wirelessly, very quickly and at a very attractive price . By using other elements of the Poseidon® system, the lighting can also be regulated based on daylight or switched on based on motion detection.


  • Simple assembly and adjustment
  • Extended functionality using Poseidon® Assistant software
  • Compatible with all Poseidon® system transmitters
  • Can be used as an RF signal repeater

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