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Intelligent white color temperature control

Introducing the latest P8 R 2 DLHCL N receiver from the Poseidon® system, designed for dimming and controlling the color temperature of white light with DALI electronic ballast (DT8, Tc).


The receiver offers intelligent control over the lighting of your space with many functions and setting options. It enables a dynamic change in chromaticity temperature , which has a direct effect on the human biological rhythm, known as the circadian cycle.


  • Adjustable light temperature from 2700K to 6500K for optimal lighting in all situations.
  • DALI bus power supply for easy installation.
  • Human Centric Lighting automation – automatic control of light color temperature according to a defined time schedule, which imitates natural daylight in indoor spaces.


  • Flexibility of control and setup using Poseidon® interfaces and drivers.
  • Positive effect on health – mental and physical well-being.
  • Possibility to divide the lamps into two controlled groups for individual lighting of different parts of the room.
  • Radio transmission of the signal to other receivers outside the range of the transmitter using the transmission-RETR function.
  • Compactness - easy installation in luminaires, suspended ceilings and confined spaces.
  • A wide range of uses in office spaces to increase work efficiency, hospitals to speed up treatment, educational institutions to improve concentration, retirement homes for better mood or in the home environment for better sleep and well-being.


The P8 R 2 DLHCL N built-in DALI receiver for dimming and white color temperature control won 1st place for the most beneficial exhibit at trade fair AMPER 2024!

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